TEGO Media is a marketing technology and media services company specializing in video and mobile advertising. Our cutting edge geo-fencing and demographic targeting technology allows us to pin-point your specific audience anywhere in the world. Utilizing premium owned and operated sites, TEGO is able to use our site based data to put you in front of your target audience.

Mobile advertising is seeing massive growth. TEGO is at the forefront of this shift in user experience. We've seen the trend to more users relying on their mobile device and acted accordingly. Now you can benefit from our growth into mobile apps, app downloads, video, search, and display. Reaching more than 100 million users worldwide has never been so easy.




  • About TEGO video
    Changing the way users consume video each and everyday
    Cross Device
    We find, track and analyze users across all devices
    Brand Lift
    Brand Lift
    We see the "Big Picture" and always remember that we are working to increase overall brand success.
    Viewable Analytics
    Login at anytime to see the status of your campaign and how it is performing.
  • What we do
    Our main objective is to give brands precisely placed advertising across all devices. Achieving this provides the highest brand-lift and user engagement for our clients.
    82 Million
    Unique users per month
    Average brand lift reported by our clients
    3.5 hours
    Hours spent watching video per day by our users
  • Analytics
    We give you a login to see impression counts, click through rates and best of all: how successful your campaign is.

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